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Look to See What Jobless Claims Look Like

So you can see, we're sitting back a little bit here but holding well in the $1960s; the dollar was up today; we're getting a little bit of a rally tonight; and a few of the currencies...but we're still in that pressure point of wow -- the Fed isn't going to be raising rates anymore. 

For the market, we're up about 1.3% on the week so far at midpoint. When we take a look at the chart, we've come down, we're getting a bounce in the marketplace. The pattern is bearish. You have lower highs and lower lows. The market is rallied back with today's action and failed against the 18-day average of closes, where so often that is the case. 

"Is $1953.80 the 100-day average going to be support or not?" is the big question as I'm reading what's going on. When I take a look at where support is: $1953.80 to $1941.50 - the lower Bollinger Band, you'd have to close back over 1979.40 and that from here is about 15-16 dollars to say, "Hey, we're neutralizing the downtrend." 

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