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Metal Markets are no Longer Paying Attention to Crude Oil Prices

Gold [and] silver acting very, very good with the dollar up 75 points today. So what I think went on today and it can last a day or so here, is that the dollar, you know, it had been falling hard. It's the end of the month, end of the week, a lot of brokers get paid. If they're managing money, 30-day periods, 3-month periods, who knows what their thing is? Why not grab some money? 

For the gold, you're up 1.76% going into Friday's trade. That's impressive. The market is now consolidating some of the gains that it's made but you can't get away from the fact that you were just in the $1960s and you've come up $100 an ounce. It took 2.5-3 weeks but you did a nice job of that. The pattern is one of bullish; there's higher lows and higher highs. The market to me as I said yesterday, I think it's got clear sailing here. I think that all the things that are working on gold, I don't see the Fed wanting to raise rates again. I see inflation, sticky as can be.

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