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Metals: Geopolitics, if Iran Attacks Israel or Not Will be Market Mover

When you look at the gold market, you see, you got all the way up here and on a monthly close. We're looking at weekly charts, this is a new high close. That's powerful, you're up 6%. So far for the month, that's only two weeks gone in this month. So far on a weekly basis: Gold added another 1.3 percent, not the stellar peak you hit today. Gold got up to $2429 and then gave that up, but forget that. The trend is up still – there's nothing here that isn't up higher lows, higher highs. It's well over the 18-week average of closes, which by the way, is moving to the tune each week of about $20. 

So let's call it $20 because it's another up week. It'll be $18 to $20 at least on the moving average but that's still going to be well under the last break low...

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