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Metals: President Day - Trump Gets a Win, Biden a Loss

So let's take a look at gold and the question I've had and I'm going to stay with: Is this break going to culminate and get down to the 18-week moving average of $2014.40? Or is it going to try to turn itself up? For the week and please understand where you're at for the week – you're down  0.19% – a fifth of a percentage point; you've gone nowhere...and what I've tried to point out and the best way that I know how is there's nothing going on and I know people want to watch this in hear me get all excited about a market, one way or the other.

This is watching paint dry right now. Maybe tomorrow's event with the inflation will have something to do. I don't know. When I look at the trend, the trend is higher lows but lower highs. You do see that right there. So the market is very stable, not really going anywhere. The battleground's (could I draw at any better?) look at the red line, it's the 18-day average of closes just going sideways.

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