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Metals: This Week Will Be About Jobs Data, Starts with JOLTS

If we look at it, you're up $32 dollars for the week already. I mean, it's just a run to the upside. The markets are off to the up as you can see here. You have higher lows, higher highs, which is bullish in the market.

It's over the 18-day average; big support is now at the $2200 level in the marketplace, and the market did get over and has stayed over, Thursday today, and now going into Tuesday, it's three days in a row over the upper Bollinger Band and you are overbought...

The gold-silver ratio moving back up into the 80s right now. In fact, it's 89.15 the highest it's recently been here near the 91 level. So Gold's come back over the past 72 hours and has done very well for itself and the silver is caught in the sideways action...

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