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No Major US Economic Data Due

In the gold market, any way you want to cut it, this market's been on a tear. It's up here pushing, as you can see, on a closing basis: $2378, not the highest high but a closing basis high. Yes, you can see, I said that we're in a distribution pattern and let's just look at it before any indicators are on there and that's what you've done. When you look at the swing line you certainly have the pattern of higher lows.

I've got them marked with the arrows but it's hard to deny, that you got the lower highs okay, so which way does it want to bust out of here? That's the big question. Certainly. If you clear these highs right here, that I'm pointing at the market taking off potentially to the upside. That doesn't change the momentum. If the market breaks down, could it break enough to get to the 18-day average? Well, that's a big break. You're talking $60 to $70 an ounce. It would take some event to make that happen and when I take a look at the Bollinger Band, well you were running it. You began running it at the beginning of April and yet you just ran forever with this, if you think about actually began in March...

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