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The Panicdemic Begins Again



This time it is “white lung pneumonia.” Instead of largely avoiding the kids, as Covid did, it is targeting them. The Daily Mail has been full of these stories, but so have other publications. It started in China. Then it spread to the Netherlands then Denmark. Now it’s being reported in two states in the US — making a global sweep in less than a week.

An article on Breitbart shows people clad in white hazmat suits spraying disinfectant and states,

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported Tuesday that some coronavirus control measures are beginning to reappear in China, especially at “schools, childcare institutions, and nursing homes….”

Residents of the Chinese city of Sanhe have posted videos of ominous hazmat-suited workers spraying clouds of disinfectant over classrooms and city streets — a tactic China developed during the later stages of the pandemic when entire cities were locked down, and terrified residents were sealed into their apartments….

Some Chinese social media users were horrified by the return of the dabai or “big white men,” a term that became popular during the pandemic for teams of government enforcers clad in bulky white hazmat suits.

Oh, my God. It’s almost 2024 and this familiar scene is back!” one poster on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, exclaimed.

Were the hazmat suits in just one small town or all over China this time? The article doesn’t say. China says hospitals are struggling to deal with all the cases, but not overwhelmed as they were during Covid. However, one hospital administrator told the Global Times his facility had reactivated its coronavirus treatment wards to “accommodate the surge” in respiratory virus cases.

What we have that is worse, I think, is a global epidemic of panic – a built in knee-jerk pain response to any hint of a respiratory disease coming out of China where the current “white lung syndrome” first appeared.

However, it did not COME from there. A “syndrome,” is a collection of symptoms, not a specific disease. That is the case here where scientists are saying they don’t see or believe there is any specific new disease causing this. Only because they can not isolate once specific cause are the outbreaks being called by the The Daily Mail a “mystery disease,” which makes it sound quite ominous. It is only a mystery as to what is causing the syndrome to rise more than normal right now (from various causes), but it is far from being a new syndrome.

In the cases being seen so far, several common respiratory ailments caused the “white lung syndrome.” Pneumonia, itself, is not a disease. It is a health condition cause by a variety of different diseases. Same thing with this form of pneumonia.

The mystery of the disease

So, the real question is why is there now a sudden surge in this syndrome which has been seen for years? What is causing young people to become more prone to getting it all over the world?

I’ve got several articles in the headlines about the outbreaks today and ran a few yesterday, too. One of those articles suggests that maybe the Covid lockdowns made people more prone, especially children. Because schools were closed, children did not get the amount of exposure they normally get to these more ordinary illnesses. Now they’re being hit with them and their immunity is lower, so it turns into pneumonia. Some say masks may have also reduced their natural immunity:

Chinese doctors told the Global Times they see no evidence of a novel pathogen like the Wuhan coronavirus in the current outbreak, just a surge of mycoplasma pneumonia, which they portrayed as a lingering hangover from the coronavirus lockdowns. Some epidemiologists in the U.S. have likewise postulated that an exceptionally busy cold and flu season might be due to coronavirus restrictions preventing people from developing normal, natural immunities.

What isn’t said in most articles is that the systemic assault on the children’s immune system by extremely experimental and poorly tested Covid vaccines may have weakened their immune system or set them up with conditions making it difficult for them to fight these illnesses effectively. Changes in immunity or weakening of the lungs could have caused this.

We have certainly seen that happen with another disease that has been around for a long time. One article today shows with excellent graphs and data that vaccinated children are dying of cancer at four times the rate of unvaccinated children.

A disturbing new study has revealed that fatal cancer rates are exploding among Covid mRNA vaccinated teenagers and young people.

The official government data shockingly reveals people aged 18 to 49 who have received four doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are up to 318% more likely to die of any cause than unvaccinated people aged 18 to 49….

In every single month, four-dose vaccinated teenagers and young adults were significantly more likely to die than unvaccinated teenagers and young adults.

Another article says that, just as this syndrome is increasing around the world, WHO is authorizing “emergency use” of another new Covid vax. Why do we need emergency use when Covid has settled to finally looking something more like a common flu in terms of its spread and deadliness? Why are not all new vaccines now off of the warp-drive path and following normal testing procedures that take years?

The article postulates the following reason:

We've warned numerous times over the last several weeks that the globalists were prepping 'round 2' in their genocidal-dash to worldwide medical tyranny and we're watching that unfolding before our eyes.

Whether that is an accurate supposition or not, what concerns me more than the white lung pneumonia spreading is the spreading panic response that could follow and the subsequent self-righteous attitude toward anyone who doesn’t join the panic. I’m especially more concerned about the repeated elimination of constitutional rights than the illness.

My story

In my own situation, I was fired (not just suspended indefinitely) because I politely refused to get the vaccine. That was under the Biden mandates. Then Czar Inslee, the governor of Washington, imposed a rule saying anyone fired for not getting the vaccine couldn't get unemployment benefits either. Then he ruled those without proof of vaccination couldn't enter certain public venues, such as ball games — or maybe that was the mayor of Seattle where entering restaurants were also outlawed and where the ball games that I might be interested in were held — if you didn’t have proof of vaccination.

So, I started working in the gig economy by focusing on my writing. Two different sites were publishing my articles on Covid (like this article) and paying $200 per article. From one publication I made up to $1,000 a month. Then both publications told me I couldn’t write on Covid at all anymore because Google was severely punishing them in its search engine results because of those articles. Those articles had gotten as much as half a million readers, making them the most popular articles I’ve ever written. Google needed to stop that from happening. Then I got two emails from Google that said it would not pay for any advertising I was running on my old website that appeared on any pages of articles about Covid, specifically naming the articles. So, I was cut off from my livelihood every time I turned around.

When I finally did get invited back to work at my old job TWO YEARS LATER, I was stripped of all the sick leave I had built up and treated as a new employee. The school decided to create a new retirement program (PERS II) and promised all employees would be given 2% of their income at retirement for each year since they started working at the school, going back to the start of their employment. I asked what that meant for me, having just been rehired, and was told it likely meant my start date would be two months ago, rather than seven years ago!

So, I have been punished harshly over and over for not obeying the government mandate and literally censored every time I wrote about Covid (at considerable financial cost with each penalizing event) just for thinking I had the right to decide what drug I put in my body and for thinkingI had freedom of speech to write about it and that the press that was covering Covid also had freedom of the press.

Another article in today’s news now confirms that the government ordered Google to censor me in the manner above (and many others, as I realize it wasn't personal, but that is why it happened to me — government edict).

Internal documents from Google, which owns YouTube, reveal that the Biden White House pressured the company to censor Americans spreading alleged "misinformation" related to COVID-19 and vaccinations, according to House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan….

The revelation comes nearly one year after Elon Musk released the "Twitter Files" via several journalists, which showed that the DOJ and White House had effectively captured Twitter, which frequently censored upon request.

After all of that was done TO me, I briefly mentioned this because of the current retirement situation (more briefly than I just did here) at the Thanksgiving table and was told by a vaccinated family member, whom I only see a couple times a year and am on good terms with, “You need to get over this. It isn’t good for you to carry it.” He may have just been concerned about my health, but even that was a judgment that made no sense: I’m a happy person and do not grind over this kind of stuff like some bores do in every conversation. (I get it all out here!) However, I’m not going to just get over it. These are constitutional rights (or were), and the Supreme Court recently affirmed that regarding the Biden Mandates. (Because I work for a tribal school, they didn’t have to lift the mandate after the Supreme Court ruled against the overreach of the Biden Admin.)

I am appalled by the suggestion that we should just so easily get over someone stripping those rights away, especially in such a repeated and damaging fashion. Just get over it. There are many in America who would like us to just get over it, rather than admit all of their conforming coercion was wrong. They would also just as easily do it to us all over again (or watch silently or even in approval) as government officials do it to us all over again for them.

We’ve seen warrant rights stripped away or made meaningless (FISA) in our panic response to 9/11. We saw the right to control what others do to your body stripped away in Covid. We’ve seen our freedom of assembly suspended in defiance of freedom of religious practice over Covid. We’ve seen our freedom of speech and freedom of the press completely stomped out on any topic the government doesn't want us to talk about if we counter the government narrative, and a considerable majority of people don’t even care! They view it all as necessary because it helped calm their panic. So, we know what a panic can cause us to lose. Rights, such as freedom of speech, have become less important to them than freedom from the possibility of feeling insulted!

At least, Covid hasn’t hurt market lunacy

One other topic I have to cover briefly, though I’m about out of time is today’s inflation report. PCE inflation confirmed what happened in the last BLS CPI report.

Or did it?

I don’t see any major deceitful tricks like last time with CPI, which was a completely disgusting distortion that I laid out in my “Deeper Dive,” except one little very familiar trick that made all the difference: The only reason inflation went down was that the prior month got revised upward by enough to put this month down a tick from there. However, that means the prior month actually rose more than reported, but no one, of course, in the mainstream financial media even bothers to comment on that. Without that upward revision to the previous month, this month would have gone up. The devil is in the details.

Instead, you read statements like this:

The cost of goods and services were flat in October, suggesting a further slowdown in inflation that could persuade the Federal Reserve to stop raising interest rates.

How does “flat” — when inflation had been going down (or so they have claimed through the summer) — add up to a” further slowdown” in inflation? Damned by faint praise there, I think. “Flat” means it has stopped going down further even though their headline claims it slowed further. (Depends, I suppose on what part of inflation you look at.) Nevertheless, no further progress on inflation, except via revising past months upward, was immediately taken to mean the Fed will stop rising rates.

In fact,

The more closely followed core PCE index, meanwhile, increased a touch faster in October at 0.2%.

And, that, of course is the metric the Fed watches. It was core PCE that “fell” from 3.7% to 3.5%. However, had the previous month not been revised UP from 3.4% to 3.7%, October’s 3.5% would have been a 0.1% rise. Maybe that is why some prefer to just talk about it all as “flat.”

Well, the Dow got all delirious about it, anyway, rising 520 points into the stratosphere, regardless of how one should try to parse those moves. That hopium fueled rocket ride happened even though two more Fedheads chimed in today to make it clear that they do not see any likelihood that any of the recent events in inflation, stocks or bonds, “persuades” them to make a rate cut anytime in 2024!

Perhaps that is why the S&P remained about flat, and the Nasdaq actually dipped a little upon the acclaimed good news. Still, the S&P hung onto the lip of its all-time high, still attempting to pull itself above it. That is a pretty magnetic target now that it is within reach, though it can be tough resistance actually busting through that ceiling. Still, all the market needs is a little more ether to fuel its hopes.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York President John Williams said,

Rates are “estimated to be the most restrictive in 25 years … I expect it will be appropriate to maintain a restrictive stance for quite some time to fully restore balance and to bring inflation back to our 2% longer-run goal on a sustained basis…. We’ve gotten to a restrictive stance and things are moving in the right direction,” Williams told reporters. “Now we can assess whether we need to do more.”

Hardly sounds like those four rate cuts the market is betting on. Two Fedheads yesterday also sounded negatory about that. Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco President Mary Daly also said about the same thing today:

Daly said interest rates are in a “very good place” to control inflation though she’s not thinking about cuts and that it was too soon to say if hikes are finished…. “I’m not thinking about rate cuts at all right now,” she said. “I’m thinking about whether we have enough tightening in the system and are sufficiently restrictive to restore price stability.”

So, you can believe the market, which as been deliriously wrong about every Fed pivot bet it has made for almost two years but can’t stop itself from banging its head on that ceiling, or take the Fed’s word on that, which has been consistently opposite the market throughout that same period. True to all Fedheads, past and present however, Daly does not see the current recession anywhere in sight

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