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Big Macs May Get to $2,000 Before Gold

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Despite yesterday's rather sensational inflation news, inflation isn't accelerating as much as it is breaking away from the camouflage that long has been thrown over it by the U.S. government and mainstream financial news organizations.

Anyone who pays close attention to prices knows, in large part because of the work of John Williams at ShadowStats, that for decades the government has been manipulating its inflation data and reconstructing its criteria to deceive the public about inflation. Real interest rates may be more negative this week than they were last week, but they have been negative for many years without prompting much honest journalism about them.

Monetary metals prices remain almost oblivious to all this, on account of the government interventions against the metals that long have been documented by GATA and similarly overlooked by mainstream financial news organizations:

Monetary metals investors may hope that the deception is becoming less sustainable. Indeed, during the great civil rights struggle in the United States in 1968, Martin Luther King quoted the Scottish historian Thomas Carlyle: "No lie can live forever."

But the lie that there is no official intervention against gold endures this week. It's not likely to be defeated by the cowardice of the monetary metals mining industry and financial news organizations and analysts.

If the U.S.government keeps getting its way -- and if all major central banks keep cooperating -- the price of a Big Mac will reach $2,000 before gold does. For no governments want people to have the option of money that competes strongly with their own.  

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

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