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The CFTC’s Response

The CFTC’s Response

By Ted Butler, Butler Research

Prior to yesterday’s receipt of the Commission’s response, I would have had to count the agency as on the side of the 4 big shorts, but now, I’m not so sure.

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Dear Mr. Butler:

Thank you for your recent letter dated March 5, 2021 related to concerns about potential fraud and manipulation in the silver markets. Please know that your information has been shared with appropriate staff at the Commission for consideration.

The Commission’s Division of Market Oversight (“DMO”) monitors derivatives markets to ensure these markets are well functioning. In addition, the Division of Enforcement (“DOE”) monitors markets to identify potential violations of CFTC regulations or the Commodities Exchange Act (“CEA”) and may take enforcement actions against individuals or companies as needed, including for fraud and manipulation. The two Divisions work hand in hand to continually evaluate and review the precious metals market as part of the agency’s mission to identify situations which may pose a threat to market integrity. Where appropriate the CFTC’s Division of Enforcement may pursue, with the approval of a majority of the Commission, enforcement actions against individuals and companies whose conduct violates the Commodities Exchange Act (“CEA”) or the regulations pursuant to its statutory authority.

Please understand that any further inquiry or investigation conducted by the Commission as a result of the information you have provided is confidential. We cannot share information regarding non-public enforcement matters.

Thank you again for sharing these concerns.


Ann Wright


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