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The COMEX Clown Show Attracts Unwelcome Guests

Natalie Laz via Kinesis

In this week’s Live from the Vault, Andy Maguire takes a longer look at the extreme backwardation of the gold and silver futures market, carefully analysing the steps taken by the new, foreign buyers who are now competing with COMEX’s insiders.

The precious metals expert has a close eye on the agnostic deep-pocket entity that is taking advantage of the unprecedented, risk-free arbitrage opportunity currently sweeping through the market.

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00:00  Start

01:05  Picking up last the week's threads 

05:45  What are the silver sharks up to now?

12:30  Gold futures gap close. Insiders are tricking traders…

16:45  June 2020 & WSS’ February 2021 rallies. What's different this time?

26:30  Agnostic money vs Plain-vanilla risk-free silver backwardation

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