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Durable Goods, Jobless Claims & Consumer Sentiment All Out Tomorrow

The gold market crossed to $2000 level. Got up nicer than that, saw profit taking off around noon, Chicago time, and took the market back down a little bit. 

When we look at the gold market, you can see for the week, we're up about 0.84%. Okay. We've knocked on the door, coming back to these old highs. I think that's important; the market, as you can see, stuck its head up. And today, let's get back if I could one day here. Yeah, we can see what the high then was. We got to $2009.80 and the market's off of that right now, about $8, right in that general range. The pattern is now bullish. So with today's action, you now have higher lows, and higher highs, which tells me I think traders are going to look to buy the pullback.

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