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Gold and Silver Price Outlook 2022

In the first Live from the Vault of 2022, Andrew Maguire shares his gold and silver price projections for the year ahead and explores the bullish momentum triggered by Basel III implementation.

The precious metals expert drills down into the evidence of a tightening physical supply and analyses the liquidity providers’ behaviour, in anticipation of the explosive changes that are looming on the financial horizon.

00:00 Start
01:55 A summary of the past few weeks in gold 
08:20 Where is the selling coming from?
11:11 What to expect in the gold market now? 
15:05 Basel III now goes fully into effect! 
17:15 Could March 2020-style EFP blow-up be repeated?
25:05 Changes to CME performance bonds requirement
28:55 An exciting update for Silver Stackers 
31:00 EFP and the Refinery supply issues 

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