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A Gold Boom Is On The Horizon

Earlier today I had a really interesting conversation with Michael Oliver, a highly respected expert in momentum structural analysis. Michael’s work combined with decades of experience provides us with a wealth of insights into what is coming for key market indicators.

Our conversation touches upon a lot of areas but viewers will no doubt be interested to hear his thoughts on how the Yen’s performance will drive the FOMC’s decision to cut rates, why central banks are not long for this world and why the gold price is set to go ‘parabolic.’


Highlights on gold and silver include:

Gold prices are likely to go parabolic in the near future, potentially moving up by $1000 very rapidly.

Gold and other monetary metals like silver may become the only viable alternative for investors as other markets face challenges.

A crisis, particularly the breaking of the US stock market bubble, could lead to more countries adopting gold-backed currencies.

Gold's performance is anticipating potential monetary expansion by central banks in response to market troubles.

Watch the interview here, and let us know what you think. I’m really looking forward to speaking to Michael again in the near future, as we see the rest of this year play out.

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