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Gold traded for Russian Oil? Paper market left behind. Feat. David Tice

In this week’s Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire is joined by gold and silver mining stock expert, David Tice, well-known for founding and directing the Prudent Bear Fund (BEARX).

The two precious metals advocates weigh in on reports of Russia trading oil for physical gold, an economic shift with the potential to turn the paper market on its head.

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00:00 Start

02:30 David Tice - Who is he and what is his background?

04:30 The Treasury yield curve inversion. What's going on?

05:25 Gold and silver mining - Why is Dave such a big believer?

07:30 Starving commodities. Russia is using gold to escape sanctions.

10:50 A word about paper, physical and stagflation.

12:15 Discounted Russian oil being traded for physical gold

14:50 The dissolution of the petrodollar

16:00 Davindloves silver in his portfolio!

17:00 Physical silver squeeze - is it possible to happen?

21:12 WallStreetSilver and the SLV Short Squeeze in February 2021

22:40 Can gold now rise with stocks if stocks will continue to rise?

27:00 Grid Down, Power Up documentary

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