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GoldSeek Nugget - Aaron Brickman: on Gold and Silver Projections (Part 1 of 3)


This is part one of a three part show.

With gold topping new All-Time Record of $2,449, Aaron Brickman, a gold bull, joins me for a market wrap-up via the dynamic Charting video-feature.

- Now that gold has reached our initial 2024 target of $2,500, is $3,000 the next goal?
- Will the price of gold ever trade below $2,000 and silver below $25 in our lifetimes?
- Will gold and silver soar like the crypto sector?
- When silver clears $30, will AG soar to $50 with scant ceremony and by what catalyst?
- Is the Middle East the trigger point, sending investors to safe haven?
- Might unbridled inflation or WWIII be a flash-point?
- Yields in the 10-year Treasury are approaching 5% - what are the implications?

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