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GoldSeek Nugget -- Andy Schectman: Most difficult time in 33 years to find Silver


Andy Schectman, co-founder of Miles Franklin returns with must-hear analysis on the LBMA.

Silver bullion is "... more difficult to find than in any time in my 33 years... worse than in 2008."

Moreover, "... during the silver squeeze there was 120 million ounces on the exchange - today there is less than 36 million ozs.

"Deep pocketed" institutional investors may be culpable for price suppression, to the delight of the "smart-money" crowd, eagerly purchasing silver at vast discounts.

Investors who are discouraged by higher rates are directed to the 1970's economy, where rates increased throughout the decade, along with the price of precious metals.

As the "petro-dollar arrangement" continues to unwind, waning hegemony could unseat the global reserve currency, securing gold's role as the asset de jour for years to come.

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