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GoldSeek Nugget - Bob Hoye: Inflation adjusted gold price hints at a bullish theme


In this March 22nd, audio nugget, market historian and author, Mr. Bob Hoye ( comments on Wednesday's FOMC rate hike (.25bps) and outlines an enticing case to accumulate mining shares!

1.10 - Gold mining shares, improving earnings.

5.00 - Post-bubble, financial contraction cycle.

8.20 - Yield curve inversion oftentimes results in a period of economic recession.

9.10 - The more intense the yield curve-inversion, the deeper the economic contraction.

10.00 - Inflation adjusted gold price hints at a bullish theme.

13.30 - Gold to energy ratio supports a multi-year rally scenario.

15.01 - The Fed Funds Futures contract exceeded the extreme Fed target level - the last two times this occurred, the crisis and 1987 crash followed.

19.50 - The US Fed raised the overnight lending rate a quarter point today to 5% - current FFF's suggest strong probabilities of another quarter point hike in 6 weeks.

27.14 - Bob suggests accumulating PM's share on the prospect of increasing earnings.

28.01 - Gold shares indexes could outperform the S&P.

31.05 - Buying price pullbacks may be an appropriate strategy for PMs miners.

31.25 - PMs investments make ideal beta candidates for balanced investment portfolios.

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