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GoldSeek Nugget - Martin Armstrong: The current economic situation closely mirrors '80-'85


Head of Armstrong Economics, Martin Armstrong, covers a broad spectrum of topics, from geopolitics to the global financial markets.

1.10 - Geopolitics

5.30 - Strong dollar.

7.00 - Expect Fed rates to persist.

7.45 - Ineffective economic sanctions.

11.40 - Amid higher rates, expect further market volatility and consolidation.

12.20 - US requires professional diplomacy to negotiate mutually beneficial outcomes with our top trading partners.

15.01 - By 2025, the Fed's contemporaries will follow suit, lift rates, in turn softening the Greenback.

19.20 - The current economic situation closely mirrors '80-'85.

22.10 - Real estate trends.

24.00 - Socrates - Armstrong Economics AI prognosticator.

28.50 - CBDCs, Central Bank digital currencies.

30.12 - Prepare for a bartering system.

31.00 - Forecaster, the new movie on Socrates and Martin!

Please note, Mr. Armstrong's opinions are his and his alone. and staff do not necessarily agree with or sanction these controversial viewpoints.

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