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GoldSeek Radio -- Andy Schectman: Risk of hyperinflation continues to climb; 1,000 foot tsunami..

Head of Miles Franklin Inc, Andy Schectman rejoins the show battling a cold, with key insights on the geopolitical arena. Currency volatility around the globe is threatening the hegemony of the global reserve currency, sending investors in search of alternative denominations. The risk of hyperinflation continues to climb; the domestic economy could see a 1,000 foot tsunami of Greenbacks on the horizon, as central banks and investors ditch the currency for alternative safe havens. 

Around the globe, economic ministers are calling for 20-60% annual inflation rates; what formerly required nearly a decade, is occuring in merely a year! If the trend continues, the next stage is hyperinflation, 50% per month in lost purchasing power.

Our guest outlines a compelling case for the price of gold to soar 10x in the coming years. Say "Goldseek Radio Sent Me" and get personal service from the head of Miles Franklin!

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