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GoldSeek Radio - Bob Hoye: Longest Recession in History


Mr. Bob Hoye ( comments on stunning headline news from the Bank of England: "LONGEST RECESSION IN HISTORY."

According to a report from the BBC, "The Bank of England has warned... the UK would face a "very challenging" two-year slump with unemployment nearly doubling by 2025."

05:10 - "It might take 3 years to form a bottom in the bear market (S&P)."

05:20 - The US FOMC hiked the benchmark, overnight-lending rate by 75 basis points on the heels of a similar move.

05:30 - Fed Chairman Powell noted - rates would continue higher at subsequent meetings, but perhaps at a slower pace.

12:58 - "Once the contraction (economic) starts... you get into a world where the Fed... is frustrated."

15:40 - "The feature of a post contraction, gold miners are going up..."

16:15 - "Running a big mine ... requires big energy..."

19:00 - If you'd like to ask Bob Hoye a question - dial our Q&A hotline 24/7, leave a message, 828-554-1203 and send a message -

19:55 - Tucker Carlson recently suggested a diesel fuel shortage could plague the US in the next few weeks - resulting in delays in railways, shipping and trucking.

26:12 - "In a post-bubble contraction, there is no hiding place - all sectors will go down."

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