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GoldSeek Radio -- Full Show -- 5 Interviews

In this special GoldSeek Radio episode for mid-March, gold held firm as investors fled the financial sector with the Dow Jones plunging nearly 1,500 points! 5 big guest interviews including...

- Esteemed Economist and prolific author at Boston University, Professor Lawrence Kotlikoff, returns to the show with commentary on the impending economic crisis. Our NEW Substack:

- Founder of, returns to the show with his exceptional and pragmatic vantagepoint on the financial markets and general preparedness...

- Head of Merk Investments, Axel Merk comments joins us today on the heels of headline reports of instability in the global financial system, just as CS stock collapses 96% from it's peak on news the bank experienced 100 billion withdrawals.

- Mr. Bob Hoye ( notes the post-bubble contraction continues to weigh heavily on the global financial markets. Call in 24/7 HOTLINE with Questions for Bob Hoye: 828-554-1203.

- Silver Guru, David Morgan, returns with in-depth analysis on the most undervalued market, AG.

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