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GoldSeek Radio -- Harry Dent: Gold will emerge as number-one buy

⦁    Harry S. Dent Jr. rejoins the show with his unique financial market prognostications.

⦁    A professed "deflationist" our guest's viewpoint differs from the typical hyperinflationary pundit, instead expecting prices to enter a period of deflationary collapse.
⦁    "Gold will emerge as a number-one buy" during the next financial crisis amid insatiable demand from Asia sends the yellow metal to $3,000-$5,000. 
⦁    Domestic financial markets could come-unglued, if our guest's projections come to pass - resembling the infamous 1929 market meltdown.
⦁    Investors are advised to use the recent rally in domestic equities to increase allocation away from highly leveraged financial assets in favor of the relative value of gold and silver investments.

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