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GoldSeek Radio: Mr. Ralph Acampora -- Global stagflation resembling the 1970's ahead

Mr. Ralph Acampora outlines his market forecasts and outlook on GS radio. 


The "Dean" of technical analysis anticipates stagflation resembling the 1970's ahead for the global economy; investors are advised to anticipate increased volatility in the coming weeks, if not sooner. 

Cash-Is-King as markets test the May low prices in US equities hold; a buying opportunity could unfold. 

Tangible assets, including the precious metals remain appealing candidates amid multiple risk-factors: inflation, rate-hikes, geopolitical concerns and erosion in purchasing power of paper-assets. 

Ralph Acampora expects US equities to be more attractive later in 2022

If domestic equities market hold above his red-line support, the bulls may regain control and record new-highs by 2024. 

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