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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Aaron Brickman: A flock of mysterious swans, circling the markets

Back by popular demand, Financial cycles analyst Aaron Brickman, makes his second appearance on the show - His 20 years of trading experience is registering a sell-signal on US equities.


2.11 - Stock market rally to nowhere?
6.00 - Gann's market cycle-time analysis.
7.02 - "The risk in US equities is on the down-side."
7.51 - A flock of mysterious swans, circling the markets.
8.45 - The FOMC may not "pivot" continuing instead with rate hikes.
11.02 - Confluence of bearish events.
18.12 - Markets under pressure.
22.10 - Distorted price discovery in financial markets?
24.01 - Downside break in the equities markets?
30.02 - Derivatives market mayhem, imminent?
33.01 - $10 trillion Fed swap-line with EU banks to prop up the global financial system?
36.12 - Gann tech. analysis and the "Spiral Calendar," by Chris Carolyn:
41.15 - This may be the most pivotal time for investors in modern history.
43.20 - Only the fleet footed investor will profit from wild swings in volatility.

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