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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Alasdair Macleod: India's Influence on Gold and Silver


Alasdair Macleod, head of research at Goldmoney says, outlines a compelling case for gold and especially silver which is near $30, to outperform competing asset classes for years to come.

- Alasdair notes that trade barriers such as tariffs proposed by policymakers could backfire.
- With the head of JPMorgan calling for 8% rates, could this capsize the domestic economy?
- One media reports that the 11 million-person nation of Cuba may be in a currency crisis.
- Might growing the Indian Sub-continent exceed expectations, increasing demand for gold?

...what we ought to look at slightly instead is that indeed it is true that the Indians have a great appetite for gold. They also have an appetite for silver, on top of which there is now an industrial appetite which is creating, great problems in the silver market (which are just beginning to emerge and we can go into that if you wish).

But India as an economy is taking over in terms of growth from China. This is a rapidly industrializing country which has got the prospects of growing certainly in terms of GDP at a rate of anything between five and ten percent per year for the next five, 10, 15 years...

- Silver may represent an extraordinary opportunity, relative to gold.
- Will silver make a fresh assault on $50? Our guest makes an enticing case.

We have seen some thought we've seen is that the availability of silver is just being taken out of markets, completely due to industrial demand. Now, this is before we even start talking about people suddenly realizing well, 'Hold on a minute. The dollar is going down, the pound's going down, the euro is going down, perhaps we should buy some silver because it's money.' This is a process which is hardly started.

But you can see what this is going to do to the price of silver. I mean, it seems to me that in this ridiculous situation where the gold-silver ratio is roughly 80, obviously, silver is wildly underpriced against gold.

Particularly since gold is hitting new highs so that is something which I think it could push the price up through certainly, through the $30 level. As I speak, it's $29.67 and I think it won't be very long before. It's challenging that long-term $50 level...

- Check out Alasdair's Substack, Free and Paid.

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