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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bill Murphy: Gold Cartel Market Raids, Silver to Triple Digits?

Bill Murphy of and LeMetropole Cafeoutlines a compelling case for imminent profits in the precious metals sector...


0.50 - Gold cartel market raids. 

1.10 - Gold and silver price action suggests upward theme.

5.20 - Is silver building momentum for a final assault on $50 en route to triple digits? 

8.20 - Are thousands of domestic financial institutions insolvent and if so, what are the implications? 

8.50 - According to a Dr. Seru, a Stanford economics professor, over 2000 banks are technically insolvent and 4,800 banks are nearly insolvent.

9.15 - How will the FDIC, which recently announced that all accounts of 250k will be insured, cover the enormous liabilities.

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