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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bill Murphy: Silver Mining and Exploration Shares Could Move Abruptly Higher

Bill Murphy of Lemetropole Cafe and, outlines his case for big price advances in the precious metals sector.


1.20 - COMEX open interest suggests short-covering, a plus for bullish precious metals investors.

2.20 - HUI and XAU, the PMs shares indexes could make explosive moves.

2.50 - Gold open interest suggests big opportunity.

3.55 - Silver mining and exploration shares could move abruptly higher.

4.20 - Bill Murphy likes the mining company, Seabridge Gold (SA). The technical position seems solid.

5.01 - Gold is higher by almost 10x since 2002.

6.05 - Risk-on trade returning after a 12 year hiatus?

7.11 - Gold cartel may be losing control of the markets.

8.02 - Silver linings on the horizon for metals investors.

9.44 - Contact info.

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