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GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Bob Hoye

  • Bob Hoye returns with a discussion on his new work-in-process best seller. 
  • Amid renewed pandemic concerns and the threat of virulent Delta variant, the discussion turns to the importance of "an attitude of gratitude" where we give thanks for modern conveniences. Case in point, in the developed world, most families represent the 1% compared to the global populace and 1/10 of 1% when viewed from the vantage point of merely a few generations prior. 
  • The talk includes the peculiar case of the world's largest country, that recorded 4,000 CV-19 fatalities, while the US is approaching 700,000, over 100x's as many? Which country and how did they accomplish the Hecurlean feat? The surprising answer may stun listeners. Listener's are encouraged to bookmark a life-changing CV-19 treatment for pre-CV, CV and post-CV treatment - long haul sufferers and those with 2+ comorbidities, especially: bookmark and share:

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