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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Hoye: The Fed Reserve May Require Reformation

Market historian and author, Mr. Bob Hoye ( comments on today's FOMC rate hike (.25bps) and outlines an enticing case to accumulate mining shares!

5.20 - Markets are rebounding, including commodities; however, by summer Bob expects a reaction.

9.45 - Gold and precious metals stocks offer unique dividend yield benefits in tandem with explosive upside potential.

15.02 - Junk bond rates and T-bill rates could decline.

16.00 - Treasury Bonds, LT could continue higher.

16.45 - The Fed Reserve may require reformation.

17.00 - The panacea may involve the return of a gold standard.

19.45 - Junior precious metals mining shares appear solid.

21.45 - International junior precious metals stocks could offer extraordinary capital gains.

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