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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Craig Hemke: Gold & Silver Resilience


Founder of TF Metals Report, Craig Hemke returns to with analysis via some video charting analysis on gold and related sectors!

- With gold holding above $2,000 for over two months, we make a case for $2,500 in 2024!
- Craig suggests that gold investors face at most $100 or risk compared to at least $500 to gain, a 5:1 risk reward.
- Silver represents a solid investment via COT data - big banks appear to be accumulating near $22.
- Is the PMs sector on the cusp of the next big advance?
- Gold and silver remain the best insurance policy against financial uncertainty.

"I'm pretty glad that we've gone through what we've been through in gold's really only down about 3% from where we were late December. So I think we've washed that, we've held in there pretty well as it's washed back and I think again, we go from here up to $2300 or so. We go from here up to $27 or $28 in silver. Those are decent gains from these levels and I still think we're on page for that as we get deeper in the year."

He continues:

When you get in a period like this, just like when prices go up, you get people [saying], 'Oh, gold's going to $3000' and all that kind of stuff. When you get where everybody just gets wiped out and bearish and tired and everything else, you get some crazy forecast to the downside, too. 

I've seen people this week saying gold's going to $1200, and silver's going to $12, and all this and it's not, it's just not. One – the way the global gold market operates; the banks have to deliver physical metal at whatever price is derived through derivative trading. Well, there's not going to be any physical metal at $1200. Okay, so they won't let it go that far, and we found last year that as the price falls, the banks on COMEX, the bullion banks start getting long – and that's the thing people need to realize now especially as it pertains to silver, if we can all look at the convictions and for spoofing and manipulation of everything else and realize particularly in silver that the bullion bank trading desk are the ones that kind of have almost a monopolistic control over the pricing scheme and we can all recognize the times in an upmarket.

- We review the chart of the stunning advance in US equities!
- Gold mining companies may represent a solid value investment.
- PMs investors are encouraged to avoid emotional thinking and hold the line!
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