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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Harry Dent: Current stock market bubble could mirror 1929

From scenic Puerto Rico, Harry S. Dent Jr., "The Dean of Demographics,", sees recession on the horizon for the domestic economy.


1.05 - S&P 500 has topped already according to our guest.
2.40 - If markets lose momentum sharply, a second downturn is likely.
3.40 - The FOMC rate hike cycle could continue to negatively impact domestic equities for many months.
4.00 - The current stock market bubble could mirror 1929.
6.15 - Will the Fed reverse course on rates?
9.01 - Is a stock market bust imminent?
10.18 - Does Bitcoin lead the US stock market?
12.05 - How far could markets crash - startling projections.
15.01 - Is the NASDAQ approaching a Make-or-Break moment?
16.30 - Demographic trends.
18.25 - Fed officials are advised to allow economic conditions to correct, organically.

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