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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- John Williams of Shadowstats on the Benefits of Physical Gold


John Williams from Shadow Government Statistics, a widely admired economic thinktank, comments on the latest FOMC meeting minutes noting the potential for domestic stagflation.

0.30 - The Fed Funds Futures contract probabilities at the CME, suggest strong prob. of 1-2 rate hikes later in 2023.
4.01 - How will the FOMC spare the domestic economy from the explosive rate hike policy.
5.11 - Risks in stocks and bonds.
6.08 - Inflation risk, perhaps approaching hyperinflation.
7.22 - How reliable are official economic metrics?
9.32 - Geopolitical risks and the economy.
10.20 - Stagflation.
12.01 - The benefits of physical gold.
13.12 - How will runaway inflation impact the nation?

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