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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Marc Faber: Prepare for a Lost Decade

From his office in Thailand, Dr. Marc Faber shares his monthly market commentary, noting the downtrend in 40-year interest rates could be in process of reversing, sending reverberations around the globe.


Investors must prepare for higher rates in the global financial arena, resulting in a lost decade resembling the 1967-1982 bear-stock market.

Meanwhile, asset and energy inflation will continue to erode purchasing power, as real inflation-adjusted incomes stagnate, a double blow to the working and middle classes.

Nevertheless, gold has maintained it's relative value this year, while many high-flying stocks continue to plunge 50% or more.

Against the backdrop of such volatility, Dr. Faber and the host concur, the ideal panacea for every investment portfolio remains gold and related precious metals assets.

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