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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Marc Faber on Using Gold and Silver for Transactions


Dr. Marc Faber, editor of the Gloom, Boom, Doom Report, says investors must brace for stagflationary conditions, echoing the 1970's, when precious metals remained the investment du jour.

- Dr. Faber prefers to observe the market instead of watching central banker's comments.
- Any subsequent rate hikes will likely be merely a pause to higher rates, as the domestic economy behaves similarly to the stagflationary 1970's.
- Our guest holds gold, precious metals, real-estate and bonds.
- Amid OPEC supply constrains; is crude oil still a relative value?
- BRICS breaks the "3rd-world" notion, standing tall with Western World level economies.
- With their new members, BRICS could control close to 80% of global oil output.
- Big Brother's Covid policies destroyed small businesses at an alarming rate.
- The precedent set by the CV policies have forever changed the risk-dynamics of financial and economic models and markets.
- Small denominations of gold and silver, via grams, not ounces are ideal for transactions during challenging times.
- Only 8 stocks comprise 30% of S&P value - shares may have limited capital growth potential.
- Gold, oil and resource stocks are relative values, when compared to the overvalued S&P.
- Is the globe on the cusp of a major famine? This is a theme that has appeared in several recent interviews.
- Is domestic Fiscal Policy directly responsible for galloping inflation?

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