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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Peter Grandich: De-dollarization accelerating? Silver could vastly eclipse the previous $50...


Peter Grandich, a Wall Street veteran, outlines his latest insights on the nascent bull market in the PMs sector:

2.01 - Bull market consolidation in the PMs sector.

4.12 - Central bank gold demand increasing.

4.40 - De-dollarization accelerating?

8.40 - Peter Grandich is concerned about economic warfare.

10.35 - Continuous headlines of domestic catastrophes, refineries, food production facilities - coincidence or asymmetric-warfare, the quiet before the storm?

11.15 - Discounted precious metals mining shares.

15.00 - Silver may break ranks and lead the stampede higher.

16.30 - Silver could vastly eclipse the previous $50...

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