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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Peter Grandich: Precious Metals Diversification Is Key to Success


Peter Grandich, a Wall Street veteran, outlines his latest insights on the nascent bull market in the PMs sector:

1.20 - Many financial professionals have never seen a bear market.
2.20 - Money managers are begining to see the vast opportunity in the PMs sector.
5.30 - Precious metals diversification is key to success.
6.02 - Will the Dow Jones make new highs in 2023.
8.04 - Dollar hegemony.
8.20 - Bullish developments in the PMs sector.
10.22 - Big potential in under-loved PMs shares.
11.50 - Gold bull markets of 2010 vs. 2023.
12.45 - $2,500 gold target...
15.02 - When stock investors recognize the potential, PMs and related shares could soar into the ionosphere.

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