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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Peter Kendall: Higher Gold Price Coming


Peter Kendall makes his Goldseek debut, just as gold blasts through $2,000 per ounce!

He co-edits Elliott Wave International’s Elliott Wave Financial Forecast with Steven Hochberg. He also provides commentary on cultural trends, the economy and the U.S. stock market for the firm’s Global Market Perspective.

- Gold blasted through $2,000 this week, on Saturday's topping $2016.
- Just as gold regains it's luster, the IPO frenzy is cooling, potentially sending funds into gold!
- The nascent stages of a devastating credit crisis?
- Is the DJIA facing a new bear market? Peter discusses their latest EW analysis.
- Are the Nasdaq and Bitcoin joined at the hip - are they highly correlated?
- Bitcoin and Gold may be essential safe havens for financial freedom.
- Elliott Wave analysis on the gold sector suggests a substantially higher gold price.

ScreenHunter 5104.jpg

On being asked if heading to at least $3500 in gold is a conservative estimate:

"We need the waves to talk to us...last May, when [gold] was over $2000 and people were excited about it and we rightly suggested that that rally was over for a while...It has everything to do with the wave principle.

...if you see on that chart, the first and second wave are kind of well set up. Then you get into the third wave, it's usually the most powerful wave, so we'll suggest we're not going to go just a little bit over to new highs but we're going to go substantially higher. Let's see how things develop. Right now, we just have to stay tuned and be nimble, it could happen fast. " 

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