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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Peter Schiff: Gold could soar 2.5x to 5x to $5k-$10k


Peter Schiff, Head of, after his OPEC meeting in the EU, Peter Schiff in Budapest Hungary, presenting a compelling case for every investor to procure investment portfolio-insurance via precious metals.

01:30 - Is the domestic economy facing a recession?

03:00 - Escalating inflation may be here to stay.

03:20 - T-Bonds / Bills / Notes may lose favor amid inflation.

04:10 - Fed policymakers will respond by increasing the money supply via printing new digital dollars, expanding their balance sheet to $20 trillion.

05:55 - The Greenback will depreciate against gold and fiat counterparts.

06:45 - Investors will abandon the fiat-money titantic en masse.

07:10 - How high is high, for precious metals?

07:30 - Gold could soar 2.5x to 5x. $5k-$10k.

08:05 - Silver will continue to trend higher.

08:35 - PMs miners and exploration shares - 10x gains ahead?

09:15 - Key junior miners will explode higher.

11:30 - Trends in ChatGPT, nVidia and AI.

16:45 - US equities could roll-over later in 2023.

20:45 - Cage match between Peter Schiff vs. Max Keiser?

23:15 - Peter Schiff's wife is a talented musician recording in the study in Budapest.

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