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GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Peter Schiff -- Gold shares could increase several fold

This GoldSeek Radio Nugget Interview with Peter Schiff:

  • From his tropical-island home in Puerto Rico, The head of Euro Pacific Capital returns with financial market insights. Peter Schiff commemorates the new year, Rosh Hashana, year 5782 of the Hebrew calendar. 
  • Now that Bitcoin was accepted as the official national currency of El Salvador, fulfilling a Radio prophecy, will this decision act as a catalyst for a stampede into digital currencies, by competing central banks and how might this trend impact the PMs?
  • While both Peter and the host think the upside for Bitcoin remains a wild card, both agree that directing some digital asset profits into the PMs, selling inflated assets for a better relative value. 
  • Peter Schiff makes a case for extraordinary gold price advance; be sure to listen to the show for figures that may surprise even the most ardent gold bull. Gold shares could increase several fold, perhaps 10x, but with much greater volatility.


About SchiffGold

image-20210911131104-1SchiffGold is a full-service, discount precious metals dealer specializing in investment-grade gold and silver bullion. We offer a range of related services, from vault storage partners to physical gold IRAs.

Renowned investor Peter Schiff founded SchiffGold in 2010 to provide a trustworthy source of bullion for his brokerage clients. Peter has always advised long-term investment in physical precious metals as an inflation-proof store of value. Unfortunately, he found far too many gold buyers were getting swindled by big companies pushing numismatics at high markups. SchiffGold is his answer — an honest gold dealer that sells only the most liquid bullion products in the world at the lowest possible prices.

As a matter of policy, SchiffGold will never sell overpriced numismatic or collectible precious metals products. That is Peter Schiff’s Guarantee.

Peter Schiff

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