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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Robert Kiyosaki: Buys a Gold Mine in Utah...

Robert Kiyosaki, "The Rich Dad" and U.S. Marine Veteran of The Vietnam War, bought a Gold Mine in Utah and returns to with exciting news for precious metals afficionados.


0.30 - Precious metals.
2.10 - The FED continues to support precious metals.
3.45 - Largest ground war in Eurasia since WWII.
5.10 - Commercial real-estate challenges.
5.22 - Big opportunity in the silver market.
6.20 - Gold is true money, Internationally.
6.50 - Kiyosaki only invests in tangible assets.
7.01 - Tax advantages of debt, real estate, oil and PMs.
8.02 - Kiyosaki buys a Utah Gold Mine: Tintic Standard Gold Mines Inc (TNTC), please send your interest to the host

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