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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Robert R. Prechter on Gold prospects: Is Bullion a Bargain?


Robert Prechter, founder of the esteemed Elliott Wave International and author of Conquer the Crash, outlines his latest financial market-wisdom. 

1.02 - The amazing power of tele-commuting: cost reduction, zero overhead, lower expenses improved productivity and increased job satisfaction!
3.12 - In real-money terms, US equities topped in 1999 when compared to true money, gold.
5.56 - Was 2021, the "stock market top of the ages..."
10.22 - Bearish signals in momentum / sentiment indicators.
11.05 - Corporate and junk bond challenges.
12.12 - Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
12.45 - Deflation vs. inflation risks and the implications to the PMs sector.
13.22 - Gold prospects - is bullion a bargain?
14.01 - "Everyone is advised to have a stash of gold and junk silver coins."
14.50 - Storing PMs outside the country and the risk of domestic instability.

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