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GoldSeek Radio -- Steve Rocco: The impending energy scarcity could catapult the PMs sector


Steve Rocco, of the Rocco Report, returns, returns with in-depth analysis on the precious metals, energy and equities markets.

2.20 - Much higher precious metals prices, likely.
3.15 - Deep pocketed, financial institutions control 80% of the market.
3.50 - Their ETF related purchases could boost PM's prices.
7.20 - Inflation is a key theme increasing gold demand.
11.20 - Dollar hegemony?
12.30 - Key BRICS nations believe they face an existential risk.
15.00 - Demand for uranium - bull market?
16.40 - Diesel demand dynamics.
18.20 - The risk of global conflict could ignite a stampede of diesel demand.
20.00 - 45 ton, eDumper mining trucks recharge via downhill breaking, saving millions in diesel expense and green, too.
24.00 - Extraordinary breakthroughs in battery technologies will usher in amazing efficiencies.
26.35 - The impending energy scarcity could catapult the PMs sector into the magnetosphere.

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