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Have We Reached the Critical Mass Point?

In this week’s Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire is joined once again by Craig Hemke, founder of the TFMetalsReport, a well-respected gold and silver blog, renowned for boldly exposing market manipulation.

The two old friends discuss an industry-shifting divergence between the Fed and BIS policy, with massive bullish potential for gold - and weigh in on the prospect of the fractional reserve banking system finally getting revealed.

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00:00 Start

02:55 Craig shares his trends prediction for 2022  

04:50 Having That Bigger View over market shenanigans

13:05 The Fed - pivoting the other way?

15:45 Where did the 1.7 million ounces of GLD inflows go?

25:20 Is this the year we finally reached that point of critical mass?

28:40 Physical, physical, physical… All global banks are adding gold to their reserves

34:55 The price of gold vs the value of gold

42:05 The split between the Fed and BIS is coming…

48:40 We’re close to getting a million views on Craig’s “The biggest gold and silver swindle…”

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