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Kinesis Money launches the Referrer’s Yield

Kinesis’ usage-based model rewards participation and enables access to the fair, ethical solution of gold and silver-backed currency.

23rd December, London: Kinesis Money, the monetary system based on 1:1 allocated gold and silver, launches its historic Referrer’s yield, paying out physical gold and silver, back to all referrers.

A total of 25,043 KAU (25kg of physical gold) and 3624 ounces of Silver, with a total value of 1.54 million USD has been distributed to referrers.

Going forward, all system participants, whose referral activity contributed to the growth of the platform, will be rewarded with a recurring, monthly yield.

Since the company’s inception in 2019, over 80,000 users have joined the Kinesis Money financial ecosystem, enabling the use of gold and silver as stable and spendable currencies.

As Kinesis Money progressively broadens its global adoption, Kinesis users will continuously benefit from Kinesis’ innovative yields system, earning monthly returns, proportional to the transactional volume and number of users joining the Kinesis community.

Thomas Coughlin, CEO of Kinesis says:

“The Referrer’s yield comes at a pivotal time in the global expansion of the Kinesis Money ecosystem, as our offering acts as proof that the economic and social pitfalls of the current, global monetary model are solvable. The Referral programme will be inclusive of individuals, businesses and governments alike, and anyone seeking to benefit from the fair and ethical advantages of gold and silver-backed currencies”.

Referrers receive an ongoing 7.5% share of all transaction fees generated by their successfully onboarded referees.

The Referrer’s Yield is well positioned to welcome an inflow of new system users and integrate physical gold and silver as a vital element of their everyday banking needs.

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