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Metal Markets Still in Corrective Mode but Seem to be Losing Downside Traction

So far for the week, the gold market is down 3.2%. If the market were totally fall out of bed, it could go back to the $2141 level. That's not what I'm expecting. I can see where the market had its distribution, you know the war event that you had back here and then the pullback ever since that and that's where the market's – if you will – punishing those that bought too high in here and taking these people temporarily properly out of their positions is the in-out trader drops away. 

The battleground (I'm thinking it doesn't mean I'll be right) it's going to show up at the 18-day average of closes. The Bollinger Band's the other one that could be $2270 but I lean more towards the market trying to fight a battle right there. That doesn't mean it's a buy or a sale. This market has stepped out of its trend at this point in time and you can see in the momentum how the market is working its way down and all the tip-offs came back here when you lost the bullish embedded, reading it happened before this whole break took be place and it just stayed overboard, it never re-embed it.

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