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No Major US Economic Data to Move Metals Due Out Friday

As you can see, you've got a mixed bag on the reopening of the market and the stocks. 

When I look at the gold market, I have to think to myself. I was listening to Loretta Mester today (the Cleveland Fed President), she was on a CNBC interview with Steve Liesman, and she had it right, you know, inflation is still sticky, it's not collapsing.

The Fed has a ways to go as well, with falling interest rates and a lower US dollar. Isn't that the world for gold? It just might be that that could be the things that make gold look good. As long as it stays over $1933.5.

I started looking at the chart action and I can tell you the ETF chart looks a lot better than the futures, but in looking at what you have right here, you have a market that's still lower highs and lower lows - that's still a bearish configuration.

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