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Is Russia Triggering the Monetary System Reset? Feat. Dave Kranzler

In this week’s Live from the Vault, the author of the Mining Stock Journal, Dave Kranzler, joins Andrew Maguire once again to contemplate the changing dynamic of how paper and physical markets interact.

As the Russian currency keeps strengthening, the two precious metals experts delve into the monumental ramifications of pegging the Ruble to gold, and the possible emergence of a new monetary system.

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00:00 Start

03:00 About Dave Kranzler and the Short-Seller’s Journal

07:00 A word about Twitter and Elon Musk

08:20 What’s going on with the paper vs physical market and the Ruble?

13:00 Tectonic changes caused Russia’s oil-for-gold trade decree…

17:35 …and the monumental consequences for the monetary system

21:50 Gold price revaluation - witnessing history in the making!

26:45 Silver, short positions and the Basel III

33:00 The Achilles’ heel of the paper market

35:00 How many Americans actually own physical gold?

37:00 Lacking education about the difference between gold, real money and fiat

42:00 Dave Kranzler’s Mining Stock Journal - and mining in general

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