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Russia Weaponises Gold - LBMA Under Siege!

Natalie Laz via Kinesis

In this week’s Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire highlights the possible implications of Russia’s plan to create its own international standard for the precious metals market by establishing a local LBMA-competing brand.

With global investors growing frustrated over the unnatural capping of the gold and silver prices, the London wholesaler provides further evidence of the COMEX’s broken pricing mechanism.

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00:00  Start

01:25 Picking last episode’s threads

09:50  What’s going to happen in the silver market?

11:40 Russia is creating its own LBMA-competing brand!

24:42  Where is the short-term imbalance likely to play out?

35:10  About the new Russian gold and silver benchmark

43:15  Andrew’s predictions on the Russia-China alliance

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