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Time’s up for the dollar! Gold takes centre stage. Feat. Peter Grandich

Samuel Briggs via Kinesis

In this week’s Live from the Vault, financial advisor and former ‘Wall Street whiz kid’, Peter Grandich presents Andrew Maguire with his case for the impending collapse of the US dollar.

With the dollar’s days seemingly numbered, the two old friends contemplate the value of gold as a means of wealth preservation and capital appreciation.


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00:00 Start

01:50 Introducing Peter Grandich

04:00 Biblical perspective on finance and raising  a financially healthy child

08:30 The president of the US meets Powell. Opening  a can of worms

11:40 If the president is a puppet then who is the handler?

15:00 Ruble commoditisation. The end of the US dollar.

22:00 Reminding Andy’s whistleblowing episode

25:40 Bill Murphy, Chris Powell and other Gata contributors.

28:20 Gold ownership = capital appreciation and wealth preservation

33:10 China, Russia and Central Bankers are aggressively buying gold

35:50 Financial Alchemy Revisited - converting worthless paper into gold

39:50 Peter’s sage advice on what ad when to buy to protect yourself

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