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US Consumer Credit Exploded to the Upside in Large Surprise

When we look at the gold market, you can see that you're sitting here at the $2038.16 level and the market, when you look at this area chart of just closes, you can see the market is on a weekly basis – been staying over that 18-week average of $1981.40. When we look at the prices, this is that $2040 area.

How long have you been here? One, two, three, four, five days now, that you've been there. You got over it briefly but you were here for most of December because I know I kept saying, 'Wow, that's an interesting area we just seem to be coming back there over and over.'

You have the swing line with lower highs and lower lows...and remember, on the swing line, it looks at the bar before it. So this daily's looking at the action of Monday, you have so far, an inside day, haven't taken out the highs or lows of Monday...and Monday looked at where you were in relation to Friday and you made a lower low, so the line drops down.

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